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PS2 Pnacher 1.0.0

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Applying Pnaches directly to PS2 ISOs.

This program was written with the main goal to offer a Linux compatible counterpart to PS2 Patch Engine (because that original Windows executable does not work under Wine so I thought heeey, i'll do my own).


How it works

It's basically very straight forward. You select one pnach file. The program will try to parse that file smiliar to PS2PatchELF. You select one PS2 ISO and the program will call libcdio to make sense of that file standard. The library will also try to locate me the needed ELF file to patch inside the ISO. When you press Patch, a backup will be made and the patches will be written into the file similar to how PS2PatchELF did it.

by Snaggly.

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