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SwitchGuide-Updater 1.3.0

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This is an updater for Atmosphere + Hekate.

It does not install Atmosphere or Hekate. To do that, you should follow switchguide.xyz. This program instead updates the following files:

fusee-primary and fusee-secondary. (The main components of Atmosphere containing the bootloader and KIP files.)
creport (Very important module to redirect switch error reports to the SD card.)
update.bin (Hekate 4.x+ loads update.bin if it exists.)

Written using pyNX.

To use this:

  1. Install pyNX using the Homebrew browser.
  2. Download switchguideupdater.py from here.
  3. Copy it to your SD to the switch/pyNX folder
  4. Run pyNX from the HBL and select switchguideupdater.py.

You'll need to run the updater at least once for both Hekate and Atmosphere to make it save the current version.


pyNX discord for helping me out with using pyNX/imgui.

Que novedades incluye la versión 1.3.0


  • nx-hbmenu (The Homebrew Menu)
  • nx-hbloader (dummy loader nsp used to access the menu from Atmosphere).

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