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SwitchIdent 0.2

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Changelog v0.2:

  • - Built using the latest version of the DKA64 toolchain and libnx.
  • - Displays the region of the system correctly.
  • - Displays the percentage of the battery and the state of charge.
  • - See the type of charger.
  • - Indicates whether the battery charge is activated.
  • - See if enough power is provided.
  • - Displays RSSI wireless signals and quality in percentage. 


  • - Now the GUI is using SDL2 with hardware acceleration of the GPU.
  • - Now, use a shared font.
  • - Minor changes to the user interface (see versions and icons for each field). 


  • Values that change in real time are now correctly updated (battery percentage, charge status, dock status, etc.).

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