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This is a tool for reflashing GBA bootlegs on the DS.

I recommend placing your GBA roms in a directory called "GBA" on the root of your SD-card, as it will be opened by default.


While I've successfully tested this with about a dozen bootlegs, there's no guarantee that this will work with yours. There's also a chance that this will manage to erase the data, but not flash new data leaving your bootleg in an unplayable state.

If you do run into errors, try cleaning the pins and make sure the cart is inserted properly.



  • Flash ROM
    • Flashes a rom file to the cart (7 flashing methods available)
  • Detect Flash
    • Tries to detect which flashing method will work with the cart
  • Compare cart to file
    • For checking if flashing was succesful
  • ROM Viewer
    • Allows you to look at the data on the cart, useful for making sure the cart is inserted & recognized properly
  • List EG0xx-Multicart Games
    • Lists the games in different banks on an "EG0xx" -multicart (EG0xx refers to multicarts that have "EG" followed by some 2 numbers and "2048M" on the label)
  • Dump Data
    • Dump data from the rom to the SD card, useful for dumping roms or save data
  • Flash Data
    • Flash data starting at a specified block, useful for injecting save data
  • Erase Flash
    • Erases the contents of the entire cart (this option is not needed for flashing)
  • Launch Slot-2 Game
    • Allows quickly booting the slot-2 game, with options like selecting which screen to play on and custom border loading (border image must be a 15-bit bmp)

by fexean.

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