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PS4 Tools Homebrew 1.1

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Its a tool to showcase the power of PS4 tools itself. Works on all current exploited firmware's should auto detect at start).












  • PKG functions ( X To open PKG Selector)
    • List all PKG's on the console itself and get additional info from it (e.g. Sealed Key, Lock Level, NpTitle, NpBind e.g.)
    • Play .at9 files directly from the homebrew itself ([ ] Button on PKG screen).
    • Show a games info (pressing X on the pkg screen) will show the Title , Size of the PKG , Retail or Fake , Content ID and the icon and background image of said game,
    • Options:
      • Mount PFS ( still looking into it)
      • Dump to USB will work if we can mount the PFS
      • Mount save data needs save data patches to work correctly
      • Unlock Trophies ( Unlocks al trophies for this game via the DB)
      • Lock Game ( Will hide the game from the XMB on reboot(if not in a folder))
      • Unlock Game( Will show a hidden game on the XMB(if not in a folder))
  • Read System Info ([ ] Button on the main screen)
    • This will display info from the system
  • Trophy Util
    • This will load all trophy files on the console with their name and Icon from here you can unlock all trophies or just a spesific games trophies (this will be done via the db)
  • Open Save Data
    • This will open up save data on the console and allow you to mount and dump them to a usb for safe keeping (needs save mount patches to work)
    • L3 is just a simple color change in the app itself
    • Options shows credits
    • R3 will load the recovery tools
      • From here you can Rebuild App.db([ ] button) or Fix Trophy Timestamps (/\ Button) or fix Trophy Summary issues (X)

by xDPx.

Que novedades incluye la versión 1.1


  • Multi Firmware support has now been properly enabled.
  • Added USB scanning and PKG install. (Press -> on the main screen)
  • General fixes and patches
  • Updated to use the latest PS4_Tools and universal

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