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Baryon Sweeper R1

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JigKick service tool emulator with PSP-3000 TA-090 restore ability

After persistent efforts of known PlayStation scene hackers (zecoxao, Proxima, Mathieu Hervais) Boryan's efforts were continued on the bones of formerly closed PSPx.ru's PSP-3000 Pandora hacking thread - some syscons of later PSP models were dumped and battery 0x80 and 0x81 challenge keys were salvaged from them.

Lack of those keys in consumer batteries put an end to easily accessible Pandora. But Proxima created a script to generate the challenge answers.

You can apply this to PSP only if you have a proper emulator - here's what the crew wants to share with the world.


  • @M4j0r - Voltage Fault Injection glitch help;
  • Wildcard, Sean Shablack - glitching and dumping the syscon;
  • Proxima - firmware reverse engineering, battery auth challenge response generator script;
  • khubik - battery emulator code, auth script port, UI design
  • dogecore - auth script port, UI code, emulator threading fix
  • @mathieulh - decrypt_os2, decrypt_sp code;
  • SSL/Zerotolerance - encryption support for Mathieu's apps
  • @zecoxao - decrypt_os2 and decrypt_sp PC ports, boards supply, auth script port;
  • @Yoti - decrypt-sp mods, JigKick clone card creation guide, MSID Dumper, PSP-3000 for tests (❤️), contribution to pspx.ru's 3000 Pandora hacking thread
  • @ErikPshat - useful info about JigKick, contribution to pspx.ru's 3000 Pandora hacking thread, forum thread design
  • Boryan, lport3, dx3d, stasik007 and many more from pspx.ru's 3000 Pandora hacking thread - battery comm logs, protocol reversal, schematics for equipment and more

by zecoxao.

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