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Tinfoil Web Server 1.2.0

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Install your Nintendo Switch packages (NSP, NSZ, XCI, etc.) with Tinfoil from your own server.

All served files must have "[titleid]" in the file name to be recognized by Tinfoil to show up in "New Games", "New DLC", and "New Updates".


To run the server you'll need to install the ASP.NET Core Runtime 5.X.X or more.

Config file

  "ServedDirectory": "DirectoryPath",     // ex: "C:\\SomeDirContainingPackages" !!! Don't forget to escape backslashes with another one !!!
  "AllowedExt": ["ext1", "ext2", "ext3"], // List of file extensions to serve, ex: [ "nsp", "nsz", "xci" ]
  "MessageOfTheDay": "SomeText",          // The welcome message displayed when Tinfoil starts scanning files
  "IndexType": "enum",                    // The type of index file returned to Tinfoil, can be either "Flatten" or "Hierarchical".
  "Kestrel": {                            // HTTP server configuration see https://docs.microsoft.com/fr-fr/aspnet/core/fundamentals/servers/kestrel?view=aspnetcore-5.0#configureiconfiguration for more information
    "Endpoints": {
      "Http": {
        "Url": ""

by Myster-Tee.

Que novedades incluye la versión 1.2.0


  • Feature: cached index implemented (see new setting «CacheExpiration»)
  • Fix: files containing special chars (like +, spaces, etc.) are now fully supported
  • Fix: installed files are not anymore locked
  • Fix: default logging config section fixed
  • Some minor fixes improvements

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