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ModioX 1.4.8

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An open source desktop application designed to easily browse through a regularly updated database of game mods, homebrew, resources and themes for the PlayStation 3. A library that is populated by myself, few friends and awesome contributors, so that all mods have been tested and verified. It also utilizes the ftp commands to be able to install and uninstall modded files directly to games. Without the need for digging up old threads or using file managers - this aims to do everything for you.

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  • Fast, lightweight and simple to use
  • Browse a large database of PS3 mods
  • Complete with info, creator, version, etc.
  • Filter by firmware, mod type and region
  • Download, install and uninstall mods
  • Automatic game region detection
  • Backup and restore game files
  • Built-in FTP file manager
  • Built-in game updates finder
  • Built-in WebMAN API controls
  • Add multiple console profiles

by ohhsodead.

Que novedades incluye la versión 1.4.8


  • Mods can now have multiple downloads instead of multiple mods
  • Previous mods to the same game won't automatically be uninstalled
  • User profile names will now be shown
  • Game titles will now be shown in the file manager
  • Added Game Updates Finder to Tools menu
  • Added WebMAN Controls to Tools menu
  • Added Settings window to Options menu
  • Removed Offline Mode from Connect menu
  • Removed Game Updates category
  • Removed Resources menu (some links could promote...

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