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Vita Launcher 2.4

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This is a app/game launcher application.

The main purpose of this app is for users who have hundreds of games on their vita.

The psvita has limitation of 500 bubbles only. I couldn't find an app that served me well to manage my library of games so I decided to create my own.

Use in conjuction with the CopyIcons app to get icons not created by psvita.



  • Games are groups into multiple categories (vita/psp/homebrew/favorites) including retro consoles like nes,snes,gb,gbc,gba,n64 etc..
  • Can launch all vita games, Adernaline bubbles and (retro games without bubbles).
  • Has parental control for hiding certain settings.
  • Customize categories via configuration file.
  • Favorites. With hundreds of games, it's takes a quite a while to browse all the pages to find your favorite game. Therefore I've implemented a feature to add a game to you favorites for easy access.
  • Game images loaded on demand. With hundreds of games, we can't possibly load all the game images into memory. So images are loaded on demand only and a few pages of images are cached.
  • Last but not least, you can access you full library of games/apps. Just an FYI, I could load 1600 games/apps on my vita-tv.


  • up/down/left/right - for browsing your games
  • left analog stick - for browsing your games
  • square - add the selected game to favorites
  • circle - un-select or back.
  • triangle - display settings to switch between Grid/List view.
  • cross - start the selected game/app
  • L-trigger - previous page
  • R-trigger - next page

by cy33hc.

Que novedades incluye la versión 2.4


  • Add option to download 2D boxart for thumbnails (This option will download 2D boxart first, if not found then downloads the Titles screenshots). If you have previously downloaded thumbnails already, you'll have to delete them first since the app won't download thumbnail if one exists. All 2D boxarts are scaled down to 140x140px for better loading performance.

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