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ManaGunZ 1.34

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1 Screenshot

PS3 backup manager.


  • _ NETISO
  • _ group PKG
  • _ Add : PFD extractor
  • _ Add : Speed Start / Speed Scan
  • _ UI XMB : Use setting column
  • _ debug EBOOT
  • _ shortcut pkg : keep only usefull files in pkg.
  • _ TXT edit
  • _ Hexa edit
  • _ Audio
  • _ system info
  • _ create backup from disk
  • _ Fan control plugin standalone?
  • _ game list supports / shows installed PKG games (PS3, PS2, PS1, PSP)
  • _ PS2 guitar hero EUR not in real xmb : e51e79bf3ca4b49be51656e0fdc912e1
  • _ setting : install  mamba autoloader
  • _ toggle
  • _ timestamps and permissions : Inside the window, at right of the "size" can be added a new column for timestamps and another for permissions
  • _ Controller setting
  • _ global setting tabs
  • _ copy/convert/extract : ETA/timer
  • _ verifier si il y a de la place avant de faire un copie de fichier
  • _ update_mgz
  • _ double click
  • _ load only displayed pic ...
  • _ rebuild DB
  • _ goto recovery
  • _ MAX_GAME = infinite
  • _ whitelist.cfg & blacklist.cfg files in /dev_hdd0/tmp
  • _ font sizes / Y / shadow ?
  • _ text viewer = fix scroll
  • _ GameList SCAN in Background thread
  • _ New Filemanager Root interface
  • _ real BDVD dump : lv1 ? read_storage ?


Add : New loading icon.
Add : Scan to /dev_sd, /dev_ms/ and /dev_cd.
Fix : Apply pnatch (bug introduced in previous update)
Add offsetfinder : IDPSet & ERK_dumper offsets.
Add : Definitions files from RCOmageMOD
Add : Game TAGS

Fix : reading issue with splitted iso.
Add : 482D support
Add : Game option "Join".
Add FileManager : Option "Join" to join files to the current path.

Fix : Reduced memory usage to avoid 'random' freeze.
Fix FileManager : No more deep scan on ISO.
Fix Filemanager : Scroll bar.
Fix : MD5/SHA1 of +4GB files
Fix : Scetool keys file.
Fix : Issue with cmdID 0x4A.
Fix : FLOW3D full covers.
Fix : Shortcut pkg.
Add : It ask you to load a PS2 CONFIG if it doesn't exist.
Add : Increased loading speed of PS2 game menu.
Add FileManager : New buttons map.
Add FileManager : Click on backup ISO to mount it then it go back to XMB.
Add FileManager : Dock to left/right/full screen. See note (1).
Add FileManager : hold X to move the slider.
Add FileManager : Use R2 to increase move speed of cursor and windows.
Add : Join or split big files. See note (2).
Add : Default UI set to XMB.
Add : Background waves.
Add : Set alpha of colors.
Add : (R2+L2) Screenshots saved at '/dev_hdd0/photo/ManaGunZ_XXX.bmp'.
Add : Check md5 files from ISO with IRD.
Add : Add/Remove LIMG sector in PS2 iso.
Add : Choose Font. It search recursivly ttf font in the directories '/dev_flash/data/font' and '/USRDIR/GUI'. See note (3).
Add : Choose colorset. See note (3).
Fix FileManager : Convert iso.
Add FileManager : LEFT/RIGHT D-pad to scroll up/down a page.
Add FileManager : L1+LEFT/RIGHT D-pad to go to the parent/child folder.

Note :
(1) There is 2 way to do it :
The first one is to open the option menu while the cursor is on the header of the window.
The second is to use the following combo:
- Dock to LEFT : Hold R1 + LEFT D-PAD.
- Dock to RIGHT : Hold R1 + RIGHT D-PAD.
- Dock to FULL : Hold R1 + UP D-PAD.
- Restore : Hold R1 + DOWN D-PAD.
(2) Use the copy function in game menu. If the destination is FAT32, the big file will be splitted, if it's not it will be joined.
In file manager to join files, select ONLY the first file with the extension '66600' then paste it.
(3) To reduce memory use, it won't load 4 themes anymore. Only the theme of the current UI is loaded.
For each theme in each UI, it search for the following files.
-BG.PNG : Main background
-BGS.PNG : Settting background
-SIDEBAR.PNG : Sidebar background
-FONT.TTF : Font. 
-colorset.ini : Set of color used in the homebrew .
When u load the theme it will use this font and the first colorset defined in the file. But you'll be able to change them in theme setting menu.
XMB UI use more files for the columns : SETTINGS.PNG, FAVORITES.PNG, PS3.PNG, PS2.PNG, PS1.PNG, PSP.PNG.
Also, before loading files from 'common' directory, it will check if this file doesn't exist in the theme directory.

Fix : Read&write file.
Fix : Support big files (+4GB).
Add : Italian, hungarian and spanish language.
Add : Support fw 4.82 CEX.
Fix : Some pnach wasn't applied correctly.
Fix : Issue with reading files from bin/cue disk image.
Add : Mount Game from file manager.
Fix : Removed the refresh window everytime you use an option, sometimes it's useless.
Add : CONFIG files extracted from softemu and gxemu.
Add : Improved PS2 CONFIG editor. See note (1).
Fix : Removed the DBCONFIG.txt system.
Add : Plugin Monitor, it allow you to load or unload a plugin.

Note :
    The PS2 CONFIG editor is able to load CONFIG files and to display the result on the screen.
    You'll be able to load :
    - "NET" config files from '[ManaGunZ Path]/USRDIR/sys/CONFIG/NET'. These are the CONFIG found in official ps2 classic pkg.
    - "GX" config files from '[ManaGunZ Path]/USRDIR/sys/CONFIG/GX'. These are the CONFIG extrated from gxemu.
    - "SOFT" config files from '[ManaGunZ Path]/USRDIR/sys/CONFIG/SOFT'. These are the CONFIG extrated from softemu.
    - "CURRENT" config files from '[You PS2 Backup Path].CONFIG'. This config is currently used.
    - "CUSTOM" config files from '[ManaGunZ Path]/USRDIR/sys/CONFIG/CUSTOM'. These are unofficial CONFIG.
    Morever, PS2 CONFIG editor check if the original data from the commandID : 0x9 & 0xA & 0xB matches with the data of your PS2 backup.
    If it's not a match the commandID on your screen will be displayed in red.
    Once it's loaded, you'll be able to ADD or REMOVE a command ID.
    For now, you can only ADD the commands without parameter, the 'simple' ones.
    You can add in CONFIG the patches from pnach files. So, the widescreen patches can be added.
    You can add the patches '480' 'YFIX' and 'FMV skip' to the config too.
    Finally, with the button START, it save your configuration to '[You PS2 Backup Path].CONFIG'. Also, if you edited the CONFIG then a backup of your config is stored in '[ManaGunZ Path]/USRDIR/sys/CONFIG/CUSTOM' folder.

Add : Re-sign option change the fw version in param.sfo too.
Add : PS2 bin/cue image.
Fix : Paths containing a point.
Add : Remote control.
Add : Without peek&poke. 
Add : Filemanager standalone. To compile it, type 'FILEMANAGER=1 make pkg'.
Fix : Increased read&write file speed.
Add : New loading screen for the file manager.
Fix : Movements in UI are more smooth/fuild.
Add : Flow 3D. See note (1).
Add : Plugin Manager can create the boot file.
Add : Plugin Manager can create '/dev_hdd0/plugins'.
Add : Plugin Manager can move the enabled plugins (from the boot file) to '/dev_hdd0/plugins'.
Add : Languages.
Add : Help.
Add : New CONFIG file management. See note (1).

Note :
(1) If the CONFIG file exist in MGZ folder, MGZ force the use of it and 'PS2 CONFIG creator' is not available. 
I removed the option 'CONFIG to use' it became useless. I removed the distinction between OFFICIAL and CUSTOM.
I added the file DBCONFIG.txt to manage the CONFIG file used by several GAME, so I don't have to dulicate the same file.
(2) The full covers must in the folder 'USRDIR/covers/3D/[gameID].jpg'. For PS1, it will use the front cover from 'USRDIR/covers/[gameID].jpg' and the back from 'USRDIR/covers/3D/[gameID].jpg'.

Fix : Several issues.
Fix : It detect iso built without the 'official' structure.
Fix : System crash after mounting a game in olders firmwares. Bug introduced in v1.26.
Add : [Themes] Display TAGS when you choose a theme to be aware of the path and the type of the theme.
Add : [Themes] Disable theme.
Add : [Themes] A default theme is loaded in a fresh install.
Add : [Themes] If there isn't a 'settings background' then the 'main background' is used for the setting menu.
Add : [Interface] Show game case.
Add : [Settings] Add TV test screen.
Add : [Settings] 'Update ManaGunZ'.
Add : [PS1][PSP] Game menu.
Add : [PS1][PS2] ICON0 creator. It allow you to 'cut' an ICON0 from the cover to use it as the main icon.
Fix : [PS2] Function to apply patches.
Add : [PS2] It can apply widescreen patches and another pnach file silmutaneously. 
Add : [PS2] '480P', 'YFIX' and 'FMV skip' options. ps2wide.net/480p.html

Add : PS2 CONFIG creator.
Add : Re-write code to be more 'flexible' (almost nothing change for the user).
Add : Filter.
Add : "Use game sidemenu".
Fix Mamba : offset PSP_savedata.
Fix : error libxml when compile the project.
Fix : No more 'browsing freeze' when PIC1 was loading.
Add : A progress bar will be displayed, when the PIC1 is loading.
Add : PS2 WideScreen option. See note (1). 
Add : local DB of hash to check games integrity. See note (2).
Add : Plugin manager. See note(3).
Add FileManager : Extract ZIP files.
Add : New covers server.
Add : Re-signed games can be restored.
Add : For PS2 and PS1 the main icon (aka 'ICON0') is loaded at the path of the game. See note (4).

Note :
(1) It use the included WideScreen pnach collection from PCSX2. 
If you want to use your own pnach from "/dev_usbXXX/PNACH/[CRC].pnach", you must disable WideScreen because when you apply a pnach to the iso it change the CRC.
(2) I downloaded every MD5 for PS2 & PSX games from redump.org. It's inside ManaGunZ folder 'USRDIR/sys/Check.zip'. 
For PSP backups, it come from renascene.com. Every CRC32 are saved in 'USRDIR/sys/PSP_CRC.txt'.
(3) The plugin Manager will deal with every sprx inside "/dev_hdd0/plugins" ONLY. If this folder do not exist, the option is not available.
(4) If the backup path is "/dev_hdd0/PS2ISO/Okami.iso", so the main icon path must be "/dev_hdd0/PS2ISO/Okami.jpg".
The following extention is supported : 'jpg', 'JPG', 'png', 'PNG'.

_ Add : Support CFW 481 DEX.
_ Add : Mamba v3 is ported to every supported fw.
_ Add : PS2emu patcher is updated with the new payload to support PS2 CONFIG. See note (1).
_ Add : PS2 CONFIG files from psdevwiki are included. It will be added automatically if there isn't any CONFIG used.
_ Add : PS2 Menu. See note (3).
_ Add : To have a faster loading, ICON0s and covers are loaded in a background task, a progress bar is displayed.
_ Fix : Navigation with L joystick is less sensible.
_ Fix : Better detection of the firmware version to avoid issues with similar fw. See note (2).
_ Fix : freeze when it scanned some PS1/PS2 games. Fixed 'Get_ID' function.
_ Fix FileManager : NTFS drive are mounted when the window is refreshed.
_ Add FileManager : Press L3 to refresh the window.
_ Add FileManager : xRegistry viewer. It convert the registry to a txt file in "/dev_hdd0/tmp/xreg.txt".
_ Add FileManager : Scroll option menu with direction pad.
_ Add FileManager : Check CRC of PSP ISO with CRC from renascene.
_ Add Offsetfinder : It generate firmwares informations for mamba v3.

Note : 
(1) To allow ManaGunZ to patch the PS2 netemu, it must be the original self. It won't patch the self if it's already patched with the old payload.
(2)    It fix some issues with 481 478 476 which was detected as 4.75.
(3) PS2 menu have the following options :
- Rename : it rename the ISO name
- Add/remove to favorite
- Apply/restore pnach : it use the pnach file in "/dev_hdd0/game/MANAGUNZ0/USRDIR/setting/PS2/[CRC].pnach" or "/dev_usbXXX/PNACH/[CRC].pnach" or "/dev_ntfsX:/PNACH/[CRC].pnach". 
The CRC is the same used in pcsx2. You can find lot of widescreen pnach here : https://github.com/PCSX2/pcsx2/blob/master/bin/cheats_ws.zip
ManaGunZ change the value directly in the ISO, but it keep a backup of the original value so you can restore the iso.
- Disable/enable netemu : It available only for BC system in cobra 7.50+. It force BC system to use the sofware emulation.
- CONFIG to use : This option allow you to use a custom CONFIG instead of the official CONFIG.
- Check MD5 : It compare the md5 of your ps2 backup with md5 from 'redump.org'.
- Delete : It delete the iso.
- Copy : It copy the iso to another device.
- Properties : It display some info like size, CRC, game ID...

_ Add : JPG and PNG can be used for all images used by MGZ.
_ Add : Retro games (PS1, PSP and PS2) with mamba v3 and cobra.
_ Add : It read the files inside iso. So, extern param.sfo and icon0 aren't used anymore.
_ Add : New icons used by MGZ in "/USRDIR/GUI/COMMON".
_ Add : Hold button to scroll evertywhere.
_ Add : Scroll speed is managed with R2 button pressure, push it to increase speed. Also, the default speed is faster.
_ Add : Navigate with the left joystick.
_ Add : 'Pseudo-support' of Dynamic theme *.p3t.
_ Fix Game Menu : Make pkg.
_ Fix Game Menu : Extract ISO from NTFS.
_ Fix Settings : Issue when the theme of UI LIST was disabled.
_ Add Settings : IRD check result is displayed in the TXTviewer.
_ Add Settings : Show the background picture PIC1.PNG. XMB&FLOW UI display the background if you enabled it in settings. For all UI, hold R1 to display it.
_ Add Settings : UI FLOW can display covers instead of ICON0.
_ Add FileManager : NTFS support.
_ Add FileManager : Make APNG.
_ Add FileManager : PS1&PS2 dumps md5 check with md5 from redump.org.
_ Add FileManager : Set Permission to 0777.
_ Add FileManager : CXML extract (P3T, RAF, QRC). It convert vag2wav, jsx2js, gtf2png and gim2png.
_ Add FileManager : Convert JSX to JS ; VAG to WAV ; GTF to DDS ; DDS to PNG ; GIM to PNG.
_ Add FileManager : Extract MultiMan theme *.thm.
_ Add FileManager : PictureViewer : support APNG (animated PNG).
_ Add FileManager : TXTviewer : can open few more file type.
_ Add FileManager : TXTviewer : hold up&down to scroll.
_ Fix FileManager: the parent dir ".." always stay a the top

Add Settings : Platform filter
Add FileManager : Decompress/Compress PSP ISO (CSO files)
Fix FileManager : fixed bug when the length of files' names was too big
Add : Display covers in the UI "XMB" and "LIST" 
Add Settings : Download covers
Change : I removed the limitation to calculate hash for files bigger than 10Mo
Add : Support IRD to check MD5(s) of a JB game (in Game Option and in the FileManager)
Add FileManager : Generate MD5 log file
Add FileManager : Generate SHA-1 log file
Add FileManager : Trophy Extractor
Add FileManager : PKG Maker/Extractor
Add FileManager : RCO extractor
Add FileManager : Now the TXT viewer display the whole file (scroll with pad)
Add FileManager : The picture viewer can display the next/previous picture of the folder
Add FileManager : SFO Viewer
Add FileManager : Extract/Make PS3 ISO
Fix FileManager : Sometimes the file name of a selected item was hidden
Fix : Notification message
Fix : Make ISO
Add : Latest mamba v3.1.0
[Untested] Add : Retro games (PS1, PSP and PS2)

Fix : UI Flow without theme
Fix : no more freeze in 4.75 CEX
Add : support 4.75 DEX

Fix : Make pkg
Add : support fw 4.75
Add : XMB priority. When you change this option it will be activ only after the next boot of the homebrew.
Add : Acces to FileManager even if with 0 game detected
Fix FileManager : Window resize
Fix FileManager : Scroll bar
Fix FileManager : Some minor issues (I forgot)
Add FileManager : Move window with cursor
Add FileManager : Icon with color for some file (ex : *.self = RED) 
Add FileManager : Preview of *.txt . It's only the begining of the file ~25 lines.
Add FileManager : View PNG and JPG
Add FileManager : Display SHA1 and MD5 in file properties. Only for file lower than 10 Mo if the file is too big it take too many time.
Add FileManager : Extract & Sign EBOOT.BIN, *.self and *.sprx
Add FileManager : Add/Remove a sprx to/from a boot list
Add FileManager : Dump Lv2 & Flash

Fix : issue with partitioned storage device
Add : File manager
Add : support 4.70 DEX

Change : UI "Flow" mouvement is inversed by default
Fix : folder "game_settings" was missing
Fix : after extracting an ISO, there is no more 2 game added in the list
Fix : issue in the display of properties
Fix : issue with NTFS devices
Fix : issue in Plug & Play thread
Add : New mamba 1.20 by _NZH_ (i just removed the map_path("/app_home", "dev_usb000", 0))
Add : mount JB games with mamba (syscall 35)
Add : mount app_home with ISO
Change : In Game Settings with UI "XMB", the 'back' button isn't triangle anymore, it's circle like in other UI
Add : Hold Cirlce 3s to go back to XMB
Add : Custumize colors used by ManaGunZ
Fix : Minor stuff (I forgot)
Add : Support multiMAN's themes (*.thm) and original static themes (*p3t). (see note)
Add : Support fw 4.70

note :
To use a new theme (*.p3t or *.thm) you just have to put it in the root of USB device inside the folder "Themes". 
For example : "/dev_usbXXX/Themes/MyTheme.p3t" or "/dev_usbXXX/Themes/MyTheme.thm"
You can also put a new "native" ManaGunZ themes in this folder.
For example : "/dev_usbXXX/Themes/List/MyTheme" or "/dev_usbXXX/Themes/XMB/MyTheme"
Then go in ManaGunZ settings to load it.

Ajout : confirmation pour supprimer un jeu
Ajout : "Fix permission"
Correction : Patch ecran noir
Ajout : "Set Primary USB"
Correction : réécriture du mode AutoMount
Ajout : Nouvelle interface du menu "Settings"

Ajout : Nouvel ICON0 et PIC1
Correction : freeze pour le GUI "Flow"
Correction : notification si download cancel
Correction : clavier
Correction : "Turn OFF" est actif que s'il existe au moins 1 update
Correction : "Get_ICON0()"

Ajout : "Game Ext"
Ajout : "Rename"
Ajout : "Copy Game"
Ajout : "Make pkg Stealth"
Ajout : "Fix EBOOT"
Ajout : "Re-Sign"
Ajout : "Convert/Extract ISO"
Ajout : "Download Update"
Ajout : "Properties"
Ajout : Une interface "Game menu" regroupant "Game Setting" et "Game Option"
Correction : Ecran noir avec les fw 4.60+

Ajout : réglage de l'ecran
Ajout : option pour configurer les dossiers scanné au démarrage
Ajout : options de montage "avancées". On peut désormais configurer (1)le payload, (2)le type d’émulation, (3)la libfs.sprx, (4)le montage de /app_home ou non,(5)explorer_plugin.sprx patché ou non.
Correction : écran noir avec les fw 4.60+

Ajout : GUI "Flow"

Ajout : GUI "XMB"
Correction : Nouveau regex sur le nom des pkg : [a..z][A..Z][0..9][ ]
Correction : bug pour les raccourcis XMB: freeze lors d'un montages ISO en CFW cobra
Ajout : liste de favoris (pour l'instant visible uniquement avec le GUI "XMB")
Correction : La notification est + belle

Ajout : GUI "Grid"
Retrait : l'entête "ManaGunZ"
Correction : bug lorsque aucun jeux n’est détecté
Ajout : compatibilité 4.65

Ajout : Structure GUI/THEME
Ajout : GUI "Liste"
Ajout : Thèmes

Ajout : creation des fichiers explore_plugin.sprx patché
Correction : L'EBOOT.BIN sert uniquement à lancer managunz.self
Correction : 1 seul SELF avec 2 type d'utilisations, type "manager"  ou type "launcher"
Correction : mise au propre des messages debug
Correction : mise au propre des offsets pour tout les FW
Ajout : Patch "anti-error"
Ajout : Compatibilité avec le fw 4.60
Ajout : Message d'alerte si plusieurs hdd ext sont branché pour le montage BD-Mirroir
Correction : mineur

Ajout : Nouveau ICON0
Ajout : refresh automatique si vous branchez ou debranchez un support USB
Correction : le payload mamba est installé uniquement si vous lancer un jeux sous forme iso avec un fw non-cobra

Ajout : ICON0 "Bullet"
Ajout : écran de chargement "Bullet"
Ajout : icone USB et ISO

Correction: nom des PKG en ASCII
Correction: control flag

Ajout : notification
Ajout : "Make PKG", permet d'obtenir des pkg type "lastman" permettant de monter le jeux via l'xmb

Ajout : écran de chargement
Ajout : informations manette

Correction : bug montage mamba iso non splitté

Ajout : compatibilité HDD NTFS 

Ajout : UTF

version initial

Que novedades incluye la versión 1.34


  • Added support 4.84 CFW.
  • ISO PS3 and PS2 tested with Mamba and Cobra.