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PS4 Avatar Dumper Injector v2

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Avatar Dumper and injector payload for Ps4.

This version of payload will work on 4.55 (untested),4.74(untested),5.05(working) or 6.72(working).

You can use a bin loader or use 5.05 html version or 6.72 javascript version (combined with a JB for 6.72)

The payload will check if an USB key is connected and contain "Avatar_Inject" folder.

Files needed in Avatar_Inject folder:avatar.png,avatar64.dds,avatar128.dds,avatar260.dds,avatar440.dds


When the copy is done, you must change user or reboot the ps4 to view the change.
This code is inspired by history_blocker from stooged Code is compiled with Stooged payload sdk It can be ported easily on Scene collective sdk but have issue with this sdk on my OS.

Greets: Stooged for history blocker and a lot of code who inspired me, Al-Azif for his help ,Team eversion for universal fw things, DefaultDNB and all people who work really on ps4 scene and don't just talk ! You know who your are;)


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