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Tiny3D 2.0

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Tiny3D is one library to work with 2D/3D graphics.

NOTE: this repository is updated to the last PSL1GHT libraries and tools.

It uses PSL1GHT and install the libraries in $PORTLIBS/lib, C Header files in $PORTLIBS/include. it will also install nv40v1.h that comes from PSL1GHT V1

see the 'docs' folder to know more (i need to update the info to the 2.0 version)


Hermes         - Author
ElSemi         - Vertex Program Compiler and other useful sample code
Oopo           - ps3libraries
xerpi          - porting the lib to v2
deroad/Wargio  - check code
Bucanero, CrystalCT, Miigotu, Shagkur, Wargio and Zeldin to update Tiny3D for GCC 7.2.0


It use the same PSL1GHT license (it have one? XD)

Some samples can use LPGL, GPL, OFL or maybe others licenses depending of the libraries or datas used.


  • libtiny3d.a -> the library
  • tiny3d.h -> 2D/3D functions
  • matrix.h -> Math support for matrix
  • libfont.a -> library to work with fixed fonts (now allow capture from True Type Fonts)
  • libfont.h


You need the environment variable $PSL1GHT defined

cd tiny3d 


It makes and install libs and samples.

Remember you can descend later to the samples folder to compile ONLY the samples:

cd samples 


make pkg

Current Status

  • Support lights (4 positional specular / diffuse lights + ambient) and materials.
  • Support double textures and dedicated surface rendering (You can render in the scene in one texture).
  • Support for YUV surfaces using two methods. (See 'docs' and yuv sample)
  • Support for list of objects (See 'docs' and tiny3d_list sample)
  • It uses a configurable vertex shader and 'n' pixel shaders to work
  • Added libfont.a with support for fonts based in bitmaps arrays of characters
  • It works with this samples: spheres3D, sprites2D, surfaces, fonts, fonts_from_ttf ps3loadx, yuv, tiny3d_lists
  • spheres3D uses the advanced features of Tiny3D 2.0

by Bucanero.

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