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PS3LoadX 1.2

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PS3loadX is my personal evolution of PSL1GHT PS3load sample, using now the Tiny3D library. I hope this version helps to you to work easily ūüėČ


  • You can load SELF files using the net.
  • You can load applications from USB/ HDD devices
  • You can install applications to the USB or HDD devices from one .zip file
  • You can copy applications from USB devices to HDD
  • Also you can delete installed applications.



You can include this lines in your app to return to the PS3LoadX application

#include <sys/process.h> ..... sysProcessExitSpawn2("/dev_hdd0/game/PSL145310/RELOAD.SELF", NULL, NULL, NULL, 0, 1001, SYS_PROCESS_SPAWN_STACK_SIZE_1M);

ZIP Format

|---- ICON0.PNG
|---- title.txt

app_folder: folder to install the app

  • in USB devices¬†/dev_usb000/homebrew/app_folder
  • from HDD:¬†/dev_hdd0/game/PSL145310/homebrew/app_folder


ICON0.PNG: optional app. image

title.txt: it countain one text line with the name app name. It it don't exist PS3LoadX uses app_folder as title. i.e: "My application - test 1"

Sending SELF files from the net

You need send it from the PC using psloadx.exe (see PSL1GHT tools)

For example from one .bat file under windows:

set PS3LOAD = tcp: // -> PS3 IP 

ps3load.exe *.self 


Installing ZIP files

HDD0 is selected by default. To change to USB you need plug one device.

When you send a ZIP file the app ask to you if you want really install it or not in the current device.

Select one Application

Use LEFT/RIGHT in digital pad

Copying files from USB

Press CIRCLE and select 'Yes' using digital pad

Deleting Applications

Press SQUARE and select 'Yes' using digital pad

Launch Applications

Press CROSS and select 'Yes' using digital pad

Exiting from PS3LoadX

Press TRIANGLE to exit.

Also you can force exit pressing 'PS' (if the network crashes use it).

by Bucanero.

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