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Freestyle Dashboard (FSD) 3.0

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Freestyle Dash 3 is an alternative dashboard for JTAG /RGH Xbox 360's. It’s an update of Freestyle Dashboard with a nice 3D coverflow for browsing games and applications which includes several layout's and Kinect support.


  • Added coverflow
  • Added Kinect integration
  • New HTTP Server
  • built on FSD Core
  • Indie title Support. < SEE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW >
  • fixed weather API to use world weather

Indie Game Instructions:

  • Indie titles REQUIRE dashlaunch with fakelive to be installed
  • Indie titles MUST be in a Microsoft Approved content location
  • AKA hdd1:\content\0000000000000000\584E07D2\00000002
  • Approved drives for content are HDD1: MU: USBMU: INTMU:
  • You MUST HAVE Kinect data installed
  • You MUST have the Indie Launcher TitleUpdate installed
  • The indie titles will scan into Homebrew.



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