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Noob404’s 1Click PS4 Downporter 3.1

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Application to downport PS4 games to 5.05. All you have to do to downport PS4 games with Noob404’s 1Click PS4 Downporte is click on the Downport button.


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Downport 6.72 games to 5.05 with Noob404 1Click PS4 Downporter

There are only three steps:

  1. Extract Noob404 1Click PS4 Downporter.
  2. Start the Downporter. Copy your PKG into Input subfolder in Noob404 1Click PS4 Downporter folder. No need to rename.
  3. Click on Downport.

That’s it. When done, a final command window will show the progress and exit automatically. You will find your downported PKG in the Output Folder.

Clicking on Clear all Folders will clear all folders – Input, Output, Working.

Fix Common Errors in 1Click Downporter

Here are a few things you could try. I also talk about these fixes in the video. So, you may also watch that.

  • Install Python with Hexdump (instructions).
  • Install DotNet Framework and Visual C++ Redistributable from above link.
  • Add exclusion for the Downporter folder in your Antivirus or disable it (not recommended).
  • Ensure free space is available on C drive.
  • Make sure you have a 64Bit Windows OS (preferably Windows 10 1507 or higher).
  • Try on another machine.

Play Downported 6.72 games on PS4 5.05

Copy the compiled PKG to a USB drive (formatted as EXFAT ot FAT32). Run HEN on your PS4 and install the game from Debug Settings as you would usually do.

by Noob404.

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