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Homebrew Details 1.00

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Aplicación para Nintendo Switch que nos permite ver con detalle todos los archivos .nro que tenemos en la consola, tarjeta SD incluida.

This is an app that allows you to view details about, launch, categorize, and manage all the .nro files on your Switch using borealis for a native-feeling UI. It also includes a toolbox of handy quick actions like rebooting to a payload. It is nearly a feature-complete replacement/alternative for the official hbmenu.


  • Launch Apps
  • Scan your SD card for homebrew programs (.nros)
  • View details about your apps
  • Add custom notes to an app
  • Sort the files into AppStore-acquired and local app categories
  • Rename, Copy, Move, Delete an app's files
  • Reboot to a payload
  • Check online for and download HD updates
  • Themeable image assets
  • Status info in the main page header (Date, time, battery level, charging status)
  • Customizable Controls
  • Use an installable forwarder nsp to access directly from the home menu
  • Pin/Favorite Apps to the top of the list
  • Blacklist folders from search






by Chrscool8.

Que novedades incluye la versión 1.00


  • Features:
    • Scan files more than twice as fast
    • Cache app lists to json and instantly reload them on next run without having to rescan
    • Cache app icons for instantly reloading menus
    • Sort list by categories (name, path, author, size, category)
    • Sort list ascending or descending
    • Group sorted lists by category (none, author, category, from appstore)
    • Groundwork for language localization
    • Groundwork for multiple view styles (icon grid and icon list coming soon)
    • Welcome Page and Introduction for first run
    • Settings is now a categorized json
    • Pin Favorite apps to the top of the list
    • Move Settings and Updater into their own panels accessible by list or main screen
    • Delete folder if deleting app and it's the only thing in the folder
    • Basically every other aspect rewritten for speed and stability
  • Frameworks:
    • Updated nlohmann json
    • Updated libnx
    • Updated borealis ui
    • Updated curl

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