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PS2 DNAS Net Patcher 21

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This is a command line app which scans for DNAS libraries and patches them. The obvious purpose is to pass the DNAS authentication.
It currently doesn't support mode 2 form 1 CDROM images. Input file can be a DVD game ISO, an ELF, an EE RAM dump, some raw file extracted from a disc image...

Simple usage, for patching:

  1. Drag and drop an ISO file to the app executable. It will try to patch with the "most compatible" method, which is MODE 1.
  2. Wait for the scan to finish, check the file modification date to see if it's been patched
  3. If patched, try with OPL or whatever...

To make cheat tool codes, for games with non-relocatable DNAS libraries :

  1. Dump the full EE RAM (including the kernel area, le 32MB thing) while the DNAS logo is shown
  2. Scan the RAM dump with mode 5.

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