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Viark DRS2 - Firmware oficial 2.0

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Firmware oficial para el decodificador Viark DRS2.


Steps to make a Recovery in Viark DRS & DRS2:

  1. Format a USB Stick in FAT32 and create a folder with the name RomUpdate
  2. Download and Unzip the Software
  3. Change the name of the file .bin for RomUpdate.bin and put it inside of the RomUpdate folder in the USB
  4. Insert the USB stick in one of the Receiver slots (The Viark DRS has to be Plugin Off)
  5. Plugin ON and press and keep the "Power" button in the Front Panel of the Viark DRS (The display will show the message "BOOT and UPDATE" alternating).
  6. Then stop to pressing the "Power" button and press the "CH +" button in the Front Panel until the message "UPDATE" remains fixed.
  7. The TV will show the Bar progress.
  8. Just wait until the Receiver reboot and the TV pops up the "Language Settings" Menu to setting the Receiver from zero.

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