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ESR is an application that gives you the possibility to launch DVD discs patched to DVDV format on unmodded consoles.

It's a set of three applications:

  • One is intended for launching games directly from dvd (but can also launch homebrew apps from DVDV discs, just SYSTEM.CNF and proper elf is needed) - "dvd direct" version .
  • The other is to launch elf files in either mcx:/BOOT/BOOT.ELF or mcx:/B?DATA-SYSTEM/BOOT.ELF - "mcard" version.
  • The third is "dvd direct off" version, which is almost the same as the "dvd direct" but will disable ESR after first full successful IOP reset (think about it as "mode 3" in hdloader. All should have similar compatibility (with obvious limitations for "off" version).

by ffgriever.

Que novedades incluye la versión r10f


This is an updated ESR, that has the whole IOP side written from scratch. This time properly . Many new games gained compatibility, issues with others were fixed. I don't know of any that lost compatibility.

Pretty much only two types of games do not work:

  • games that load below 1M (like some Sonic games)
  • games that do transfers into EE memory area occupied by ESR (using "direct off" version will fix these)

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