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VTSPS2-HBDL - HomeBrew Downloader 0.34

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Forked from iLaunchELF by VTSTech.

Rather stable right now. Almost feature complete. Works in testing on real hardware. Writes to either MC or USB based on user selection. Do not use on SCPH-9XXXX with 2.30 BIOS. Extensively tested on SCPH-70001. Working reports from SCPH-5XXXX as well.


  • Fully functional in PCSX2
  • Downloading works on Real PS2.
  • Checking works on Real PS2
  • Overwriting works on Real PS2
  • Creating folders works on Real PS2
  • Launching mostly works on Real PS2 (WLE, OPL, GSM launch, a few others don't)
  • USB Support, Sequential Downloads




  • Original iLaunchELF Created by krHACKen & Based_Skid
  • crc32.c written by Lammert Bies, (c) 1999-2016 Lammert Bies. File is licensed under the MIT License
  • Packed with PS2-Packer v1.1.0 by Nicolas "Pixel" Noble
  • Thanks to krHACKen, Based_Skid, HWC & TnA on Discord for helping me debug issues
  • Big Thanks to fjtrujy for their PS2 Port of RetroArch


This Program Was Built with The PS2DEV SDK (Compiled May 28th 2020, Commit: ec0cbfd) and has utilized sample code from it.

This Program Utilizes the HTTP Client File System from the PS2DEV sdk.


This Application Has No Warranty. The Creators of this app cannot be held Responsible for any damage

by Veritas83.

Que novedades incluye la versión 0.34


  • Bugs fixed.

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