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Aurora 0.7b

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Dashboard alternativo para las Xbox 360 con RGH.

After the longest wait ever (more than a year since our preview post), we have Aurora 0.7b for you to enjoy! It contains some bug fixes and some exiting new features and improvements, big and small: 

  • Profile / Disc Panel
  • New CoverFlow Layout 'Minimal'
  • Disc Number Indicator and Title Sort
  • RSS Feeds
  • Customizable Background Animation
  • Profile Selector / Auto Sign-in at boot
  • Title Specific Settings
  • Saved Game Manager
  • Temperature Graph
  • Utility Scipts engine improvements
  • New Skinning Features (QuickView Settings, Avatars, Video's, etc)

And last, but not least, Freestyle Plugin has been rebranded/replaced:

  • NOVA, including a new WebUI

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