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WUPDownloader 1.1

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Download installable content from the NUS, directly on the WiiU SD Card

This app doesn't support piracy. Only download games that you had bought before!


  • Download titles from Nintendo's servers (NUS) on the SD Card (SD:/install/)
  • Create fake tickets at the start of a download if not found on the NUS
  • Shows the download speed for any title
  • Also, generate fake tickets for other downloaded titles on SD:/install/ folder (To fix missing ticket downloads)
  • WiiU Software Keyboard library support (SWKBD)
  • Can download System/vWii titles
  • Complete HOME Menu support for channel version
  • Downloaded titles can be installed with WUPInstaller
  • Download app hashes support (.h3)
  • Custom folder names for downloaded titles


To download a title, search on a Title Database for a title ID (Ex: WiiUBrew's database)
To create a fake ticket, you will need the title ID and the encryption key (Avaible on 'That title key site')

To install the app, download and unzip the contents of the latest release and depending on how you will run the app, follow the next steps:

Homebrew Launcher

  • Move the folder to (SD:/wiiu/apps/) Run the app from HBL through Haxchi, Browserhax or any exploit you want

Home Menu

  • Move the folder to (SD:/install/) and install it with WUPInstaller
  • Run it from the HOME Menu (With a CFW)

by Pokes303.

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