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No$gba 3.0.2

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Gameboy Advance / Nintendo DS / DSi Emulator for Windows.


Installation notes

unzip the no$gba package into a new/blank folder (or into your existing no$gba folder when installing an update) and start the no$gba.exe file. For more info about additional files see built-in help. The program should work (slowly) on any 80386SX (and up).


no$gba will eventually create some files and subdirectories in the no$gba folder, aside from that it does not create or modify other files/registry settings (except nocashio, see below). If no longer needed, just delete the no$gba folder with all files/folders in it.


a parallel port driver for windows NT/2K/XP, no$gba prompts you if you want to install the driver (only when -if- accessing the parallel port under NT/2K/XP). When -if- it is installed, you can uninstall it in no$gba utility menu.

by Martin.

Que novedades incluye la versión 3.0.2


  • 3ds/vfp/help: multiply note about FMUL X,X,X.. and FMAC Y,Y,Y.. (thanks kemal)
  • 3ds/gpu/help: added triangle drawing examples (thanks to profi200 for help)
  • 3ds/gpu/help: created I/O map chapters for gpu internal/external registers
  • 3ds/gpu/help: renamed several registers, especially ATTR_BUF related ones
  • 3ds/gpu/help: swapped/renamed width and height to match up with actual usage
  • 3ds/gpu/help: important details/corrections for rendering pipeline registers
  • 3ds/gpu/help: better GPUREG_IRQ_xxx and GPU_MEMCOPY descriptions
  • 3ds/gpu/help: info on undocumented flat shading and striped/dotted modes
  • 3ds/gpu/help: info on undocumented memory traffic and vertex/polygon counters
  • 3ds/gpu/help: added undocumented gpu register stubs (inside of gpu chapters)
  • 3ds/gpu/help: started to rewrite and rearrange unclear gpu descriptions
  • 3ds/gpu/help: removed meaningless sentences alike this register is used to...
  • 3ds/gpu/help: removed nonsense definitions alike unsigned 1bit enable flag
  • 3ds/gpu/help: gpu external registers: added memory control/status registers
  • a22i/float: .float16/24/32/64/80 supports multiple operands (using commas)

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