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psp2spl 1.0.0

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Custom tiny lv0 framework for Playstation Vita/TV


  • Put psp2spl.skprx in ur0:tai/
  • Add a line to ux0: or ur0: /tai/config.txt under *KERNEL
    • ur0:tai/psp2spl.skprx
  • Reboot

Basic info for developers

This framework's only task is to run lv0 code when requested: check [spl_exec_code] in main.c

For any more advanced tasks use psp2renga.

  • For all communication ARM<->FRAMEWORK the secure kernel enc addr in Venezia SPRAM is used.
    • In spl it is referred to as "commem" or "corridor", spl uses only first 32 bytes of it for config.
  • There is one patch used: fcmd_handler() hook - After ARM command is received, before executing it.
  • At every sleep/resume the crypto processor is reset, commem is reset too.
  • The framework is injected by exploiting update_sm::0x50002 and is stored @0x00809e00


  • Team Molecule for the update_sm 0x50002 exploit and help over discord
  • Team Molecule for HenKaku, TaiHen and Enso
  • TheFlow0 for help with the sleep-resume stuff

by SKGleba.

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