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Ferguson Ariva 254 Combo - Firmware 1.32b3

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Firmware oficial para el decodificador Ferguson Ariva 254 Combo.

How to upgrade Ferguson Ariva receiver?

Ferguson offers software upgrade capability for your Ariva using USB portable memory. After you have completed software upgrade, your receiver will typically perform better. What improvements are made depends on the upgrade software you are using as well as the software your receiver contained before the upgrade. You can execute the software upgrade procedure yourself. Be aware that the content of this document is addressing technical or software skilled users.

  1. Decompress the ZIP-file and copy software file to the root directory of the USB portable memory.
  2. Plug USB portable memory into USB port of receiver.
  3. Go to Menu->Tools->Upgrade By USB
  4. As upgrade mode please choose: Allcode+bootloader (
  5. Select desired software file
  6. Press start to upgrade receiver
  7. Please wait... After upgrade done successfully receiver will reboot automatically

Due to fact that new software don't contain any user data base (channel list), as last step you have to check antenna settings and search satellite or upgrade receiver with desired channel list.

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