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After Wiring in the SwitchME you can access the bootloader by conecting a usb-c cable directly to the switch. Make sure you have a compliant ucb-c cable first though! A compliant cable will have a 56k Ohm resistor (check where you perchased your cable from) Really shouldnt be an issue if you are just flashing the SwitchMe directly from your computer, but be on the safe side as plenty of people have burned up their charge IC using 3rd party docks and cheap usb-c cables.

If you want to preflash the SwitchME connect a usb cable directly to the the board (D+ green) (D- white) (5v red) (gnd black) On first connect to your computer it will already be in bootloader mode ready to be flashed. After you have flashed the device for the very first time you will need to double press the button to go into bootloader mode again if you want to reflash the device, or if you connect the reset line you can do the same.

*** If you have Auto RCM enabled DISABLE it until you flash the SwitchME for the first time (Use CTCaer 4.1 ***

*** If you flash any other payload other than CTCaer 4.1 after enabling Auto RCM you will not have a way to flash the SwitchME unless you can boot into Horizon because there is no usb data comms while in RCM (for now) ***

*** If you get stuck because of Auto RCM and only booting to say BISkeydump, the way around this is to disconnect either D+ or D- Boot into Horizon, reconnect the line and than flash the SwitchME bootloader ***

*** Again this is only if you have Auto RCM enabled ***

*** We highly suggest you only use CTCaer 4.1 and put whatever payload you want to boot in the payloads dir from the SDCard files ***

*** We have included some for you ***

or Pre-Compiled payloads check UF2_SwitchME_Payloads

To compile payloads for SwitchME you will need to install the Arduino IDE https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software

~ Next you must install the board manager for SwitchME ~

Open Arduino IDE > Preferances > Additional Boards Manager URLs > Add The URL Below https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Aboshi/SwitchME/master/package_switchme_index.json

Next go to Tools > Board > Boards Manager > Type SAMD > Select Arduino SAMD Boards and Install version 1.6.21

Next search for rebug and install

You can now select SwitchME m0 in the board programmer

To compile different payoads you must first convert your payload.bin to hex The easiest way is to use binConverter.py (you can find it under releases) Open SwitchME.ino Change ctcaer_4.0_hekate.h to whatever you named you payload If you want to upload directly to your SwitchME just click on upload (your SwitchME is ready for use) If you want to compile to make a .bin for converting to UF2 select Sketch > Export compiled Binary

You can find all the tools you need in the releases section of this git as well as pre compiled payloads in UF2 format We will provide plenty of payloads in UF2 format and keep them updated with new releases.

Wiring Diagrams: Check wiring dir 4_wire_always_on (Do not use this method any longer) Leaving it in the git for reference only 4_wire_on_at_powerup (when used with auto rcm you will get instant bootup to whatever you flahed the SwitchME with) We highly suggest CTCaer payloads! More diagrams will be added soon with auto rcm line strapping, emmc cutoff (another auto rcm) and many others. For now you can check this thread for other wiring methods that suit your needs: https://gbatemp.net/threads/internal-modchip-samd21-trinket-m0-gemma-m0-itsybitsy-m0-express-guide-files-support.508068/

Huge thanks to @mattytrog for adding the SwitchMe to the current list!

Custom Firmware and Emulators:

Roll your own: https://www.sdsetup.com/ ^^ Thanks to @noahc3 & @tomGER

Or Download an AIO package: https://github.com/tumGER/SDFilesSwitch/releases ^^ Tkanks to @tomGER for keeping things up to date

The SwitchME also has 3.5mb of storage space. You can access it by putting the SwitchME into bootloader mode (double press the button)

Greets to all the devs in the Switch scene without them none of this would be possible: @SciresM @hexkyz @naewhert @oct0xor @ktemkin @CTCaer @rajkosto @Reisyukaku @atlas44 @noemu @st4rk and countless others

by Aboshi.

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