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Joycon ToolBox 0.2

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A Switch homebrew for setting joycon colours.

Config file

The config file should be placed in sdmc:/config/JCTB.cfg

The structure of the config file is Colour set name Left joycon body colour Left joycon buttons colour Right joycon body colour Right joycon buttons colour

All colours should be in RGB hexadecimal format.


  • Up / Down on D-pad to select a colour set.
  • A to apply the colours


  • AtlasNX dev chat for help with this and other projects.
  • skullkeeper94 for testing.
  • Jaded from GBATemp for testing and helping with the config.
  • hax4dayz#9645 from discord for testing.
  • Daniel C#7205 from discord for testing.

by CompSciOrBust.

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