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BCM2046 Bluetooth Adaptor in Windows XP SP2/SP3 - Driver

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Chances are you just reinstalled your computer to remove all the junkware thats included with PC's and you want to get your bluetooth dongle working without all the bloatware. Well with this package, you can use your BCM2046 bluetooth adaptor in Windows using the built in bluetooth stack. I have created and tested this myself on my new Dell Mini 9 which I reformatted to clear the Dell junk off.

What I have done is modified the Bluetooth driver file that comes with XP SP2/SP3, to include this dongle by adding its hardware ID to the supported devices list.

Before you can install this, you must make sure you have updated your XP to at least Service Pack 2, as this included the Bluetooth Support Addon.



  • Extract files somewhere like the desktop
  • Plug USB Bluetooth Dongle in XP wont find drivers automatically, direct it to the folder where you extracted the files.
  • If a question about installing the drivers, continue anyway.
  • Enjoy.

Copyright (C) Digital Existence Network 2008

by Nimrod.

Que novedades incluye la versión 12/15/20 13:32   See changelog


  • Initial release.

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