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LaunchpadNX 2.5.0

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  • You can now hold R to enter hbmenu on your desired title!
  • You can now remove Hekate's bootlogo feature
  • Checkpoint now resides in its own folder

Installation Instructions

  1. Grab the latest version of devkitPro and make sure Switch Development is selected.
  2. Install Git if you do not have it already
  3. Launch the program and follow the instructions!

Thanks to...

  • SciresM
  • CTCaer
  • Team ReSwitched
  • Switchbrew
  • yellows8
  • tomGER
  • Bernardo Giordano
  • wrathsoffire76
  • rajkosto
  • Adubbz
  • jakibaki
  • vgmoose
  • joel16

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