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FatFs - Generic FAT Filesystem Module 0.13c

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FatFs is a generic FAT/exFAT filesystem module for small embedded systems. The FatFs module is written in compliance with ANSI C (C89) and completely separated from the disk I/O layer. Therefore it is independent of the platform. It can be incorporated into small microcontrollers with limited resource, such as 8051, PIC, AVR, ARM, Z80, RX and etc. 



  • DOS/Windows compatible FAT/exFAT filesystem.
  • Platform independent. Easy to port.
  • Very small footprint for program code and work area.
  • Various configuration options to support for:
  • Long file name in ANSI/OEM or Unicode.
  • exFAT filesystem.
  • Thread safe for RTOS.
  • Multiple volumes (physical drives and partitions).
  • Variable sector size.
  • Multiple code pages including DBCS.
  • Read-only, optional API, I/O buffer and etc...

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