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DoLaunch 0.2

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Set of dol launching tools for GameCube.

This tools are based on the dol loading code used in Swiss by emu_kidid.

  • Brosexec: This is a simple dol that will load autoexec.dol from the root of a SD card in a SDGecko adapter. It's main purpose is to be used with the Home Bros. Exploit, as a way to boot homebrew on unmodified consoles. One of its goals is to keep used space in the memory card as low as possible. - Check the Home Bros. exploit.
  • Brosexecconf: this is a simple configurable dol launcher, the configuration file can assing a dol to each button. Supports a timer to autoboot a default dol after a configurable amount of time passes. Also supports passing command line arguments to loaded dol files in the form of .cli files. - A text only version and a version supporting customizable png background are available (on screen text can be disabled so the background can be used as splash screen for autoboot for example). - Uses lib PNGU by frontier.
  • McLoader: this simple dol can launch any dol present in a memory card created with dol2gci. It¡s main use would be for those not having an SDGecko adapter.

by suloku.

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