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GBA Link Cable Dumper 1.6

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A GC and Wii Homebrew App to get GBA BIOS, ROMs and saves via the GC GBA Link Cable.


Just have a GC Controller in Port 1 and a GBA without a game inserted or aborted game launch by holding select+start in Port 2. The bin, gba and sav files dumped will be placed in a folder called "dumps" on your main device (SD Gecko on gamecube and SD/USB on Wii). Please note that dumping GBA ROMs can take a long time (32mb takes about 48 minutes) because of the cable protocol limitations, a estimation will be displayed on screen before you dump it as a reference.



  • Save Support based on SendSave by Chishm.
  • GBA BIOS Dumper by Dark Fader.

by FIX94.

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