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Gamecard Installer NX 1.0.1

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A way to install your gamecards directly to the switch!


  • Install gamecards! (would be an awful name for the app if it didn't have this).
  • Support for gamecards with multiple games inside.
  • Display useful gamecard information such as: app_id, key_gen and size.
  • Full touchscreen support.
  • Display the available space on SD card and system NAND from within the app. Automatically updated after installing the game.
  • Display error codes to the user should anything go wrong (hopefully you wouldn’t see any!).
  • Background music support. Drop any .mp3 files into ‘/switch/gamecard_installer/’ and it will play the songs at random.

How to use


Download the latest release and unzip the contents to the root of the sd card.

This should result in a folder struct like this /switch/gamecard_installer/gamecard_installer.nro.

Multi gamecards

Some gamecards have multiple games inside. An example of this is the Child of Light & Valiant Hearts gamecard.

These can still be installed. Pressing L or R will allow you to cycle through the games on the gamecard.

Playing music

This app can play music!

Simply drop any .mp3 files into /switch/gamecard_installer/.

You can have the .mp3 in folders if you prefer, the app will scan recursively. E.g. /switch/gamecard_installer/music/song.mp3.


by ITotalJustice.

Que novedades incluye la versión 1.0.1


What's fixed?

  • Incorrectly returned the sys version number (fw 8.1.0 would be returned as 8.0.1).
  • Bug that would cause the installed game to sometimes appear as a gamecard, even with the gamecard removed.
  • Fixed bug that would make it so that it would sometimes not push the correct application record which caused game updates that was previously installed to say that it was not.

What's next?

  • Option to lower key gen of games.
  • Option to disable music / sound effects in-app.
  • Option overlay that shows these options.
  • Improve gfx efficiency (cache everything as textures as much as possible to reduce constantly creating a surface and then converting it to a texture every frame, this is pretty much done anyway, but in a few cases it is not).

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