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Fortuna FMCB Launcher 0.2

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This tool will quickly launch FMCB or BOOT2.ELF from either Memory Card. Intended for use on SCPH-9XXXX PS2 w\ 2.30 BIOS

The logic flows as follows:

  • If FMCB Exists-> Run FMCB from MC0 if present, Then MC1 if present
  • If BOOT2.ELF Exists (And FMCB not present) -> Run BOOT2 from MC0 if present, Then MC1 if present

If any condition in that order presents a path to execution. It will take the first one.


  • Uses OSDInit.c/h & libcdvd_add.c/h from 'OSD Initialization Libraries' by SP193
  • Compiled with current PS2SDK as of Nov 2019
  • Packed with PS2-Packer v1.1.1-unofficial-09ac9c6 by Nicolas "Pixel" Noble

by Veritas83.

Que novedades incluye la versión 0.2


  • Code cleanup
  • No longer loading Pad Manager
  • No longer Initializing DVD
  • Removed all delays
  • No longer in Beta
  • Now includes Source Code, Packed/Unpacked BOOT.ELF

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