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PARM SFO Editor 1.0.0

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How To Use

Loading the SFO File

  var psfo = new Param_SFO.PARAM_SFO("Location of SFO");

Check which console the sfo is for

  Param_SFO.PARAM_SFO.Playstation version = psfo.PlaystationVersion;

A Couple of standard paramaters can be gathered from the SFO

  • Paramater    Description
  • APP_VER    Retruns the app version represented as a string value
  • Attribute    Attribute from the Param file
  • Category    Gets the category from the param file (differs per console)
  • ContentID    
  • DataType    
  • Detail    
  • PlaystationVersion    Retruns what console this sfo came from
  • Title    Gets the Title Of the Current Game
  • TitleID    Returns the TITLEID before the first split ('-')
  • TITLEID    Gets the Title ID Of the Current Game

Getting Anything else

    for (int i = 0; i < psfo.Tables.Count; i++)
        if (psfo.Tables[i].Name == "Content we are looking for ")
           //get the value 
           string value = psfo.Tables[i].Value;

Editing a value

    for (int i = 0; i < psfo.Tables.Count; i++)
      if (psfo.Tables[i].Name == "TITLE_ID")
          var tempitem = psfo.Tables[i];
          tempitem.Value = txtTitleId.Text.Trim();
          psfo.Tables[i] = tempitem;


by xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx.

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