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RussellNX 1.3.6

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A tool to build Nintendo Switch homebrew games using GameMaker Studio 2's runtime.

Let me explain why there are other files/folders other than just RussellNX.exe

  • build - it's a prebuilt GMS2.2.3 Switch Runner, it runs your game.
  • htmldir - it's just a directory with one index.html in it, designed to fill Help/LegalInfo sections in NSP.
  • hacbrewpack - it's a tool that builds NSP.
  • license - it's a folder that contains GMS2 license files to fool GMAssetCompiler, DO NOT DELETE IT!



  • Nik - making this tool
  • YoYoGays (YoYoGames) - making GameMaker Studio 2
  • TheRadziu - beta testing on a real switch
  • PlastoPyC - uwu-ing
  • Nintendo - making NintendoSDK (not included here, sorry!)

by nkrapivin.

Que novedades incluye la versión 1.3.6


  • Improved project settings form a little bit.
  • Added Russian translation. (only works if your OS language is ru-RU)

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