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Kosmos Toolbox 4.0

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A toolbox that allows the user to change settings of the loader (requires a modified version of loader). It's aimed for the use with tomGER's SDFiles.

Current Features

  • Reading and modifying of the hbmenu launch button combination
  • Actually modifying the hbmenu config as well so settings stick across reboots
  • Reading and modifying whether the album or the hbmenu launches by default
  • Sysmodule hotloading and unloading
  • Reboot to Hekate profiles and the Hekate menu
  • HID-mitm button config


by AtlasNX.

Que novedades incluye la versión 4.0


  • Override key settings now support up to 8 custom title overrides.
    • This feature only works in Atmosphere 0.10.2 and higher!
  • Added an option to select a title when configuring overrides.
    • Album override has now been renamed to "Default" and its title can be changed also.
    • Besides listing all game titles, it comes with support for 4 applets: Album, Nintendo eShop, User Profile and Controller.
  • All buttons now autoscroll when the selection goes out of bounds.
  • This means the sysmodules page no longer needs pages. They were removed.
  • Fixed touchscreen UI not working properly when using the list selector and the message box.
  • Fixed Override key button not blocking input properly when reading for button presses.
  • Added an option to immediately exit the program by pressing PLUS.
  • Most menus/submenus now remember the last button selection.
  • Hekate reboot menu now automatically selects the autoboot profile.
  • Having a valid config.json is no longer necessary to list sysmodules. (the toolbox.json files are an option)
  • Background services, Reboot to Hekate and Reboot now! buttons have been recolored to reduce eye strain.
  • Lots of minor UI changes.

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