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FoxTool 0.2.5

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A tool for compiling and decompiling Fox Engine XML files. Compiled XML files have these file extensions:

Extension Content
BND Graph Bounder Data
CLO Sim Cloth Setting
DES Destruction
EVF Event
FOX2 Scene
FSD Facial Settings Data
LAD Lip Adjust Data
PARTS Model Description
PH Physics Object Description
PHSD Physics Sound Parameter
SDF Sound Data File Info
SIM Simulation Object
TGT Geometry Target Description
VDP Vehicle Driving Parameter
VEH Vehicle
VFXLF Visual Effects Lense Flare


Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 


FoxTool [-d|-c] file_path|folder_path


Compiling an XML file

FoxTool file_path.XML
FoxTool -c file_path.XML

Decompiling a file to XML

FoxTool file_path
FoxTool -d file_path

Decompiling all decompilable files in the folder to XML

FoxTool folder_path
FoxTool -d folder_path

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