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DolcePolce 1.0.0

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This is a plugin that patches the PSTV Blacklist checks directly from SceShell, no more living like its 3.51- patch the launch checks directly from SceShell-

No more messing with app.db- no modding list_launch_vita.dat-

NONE OF THAT. you can download updates- you can install DLC- you can rebuild your database- whatever it is this plugin has you covered

Better than all previous "whitelist" hacks.
(btw its a blacklist. not a whitelist..)

Works on ALL PSV/PSP/PS1/PSM Content on 3.60-3.73

Place under your *main entry in config.txt

La Dolce Vita!

UPDATE: This also allows you to run PSVita blacklisted titles such as "torne(トルネ)™ PlayStation®Vita TV"
which normally will only run on PlayStation TV - i didnt even intend for this. but hey ill take it!

PS remove old whitelister v2 or your dlc & updates will still be broken..


  • SilicaAndPina

Beta Testers:

  • Zodasaur
  • marburg
  • IcySon55
  • froid_san
  • kirilldevchroma
  • SilicaAndPina

by KuromeSan.

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