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sys-ftpd-light 1.0.4

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This is a nintendo-switch sysmodule which runs an ftpd-server in the background (on port 5000 with no auth).

sys-ftpd-light is designed to use significantly less memory than original sys-ftpd.

Put the contents of the sd_card folder in the root of your sd-card or else the Module won't work!

Hotkeys: To help with security while there is are no login credentials, debugging, or otherwise, you can toggle the state of the server using the (+) + (-) + (X) button combination.

How to install:

Copy the contents of the zip file to your SD card. If you have Kosmos Toolbox, go to Background services and re-enable sys-ftpd. Otherwise, reboot your switch.Config Example (/config/sys-ftpd/config.ini):




;if anonymous:=1 no login and password are needed!
;if anonymous:=0 must set user:= and Password!

by cathery.

Que novedades incluye la versión 1.0.4


  • Anonymous login is now disabled by default
  • User credentials are now empty by default
  • The server will now reject any connections until both the user and password fields are set.

This update might annoy some people who get their configs overriden by downloader apps like hbstore.
It is released in response to claims of people getting their consoles hacked through local networks created through ldn_mitm.

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