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pkgi allows to install original pkg files on your Vita.

This homebrew allows to download & unpack pkg file directly on Vita together with your NoNpDrm fake license.


  • easy way to see list of available downloads, including searching, filter & sorting.
  • standalone, no PC required, everything happens directly on Vita.
  • automatic download and unpack, just choose an item, and it will be installed, including bubble in live area.
  • resumes interrupted download, you can stop download at any time, switch applications, and come back to download from place it stopped.

Current limitations:

  • no support for DLC or PSM.
  • no queuing up multiple downloads.
  • no background downloads - if application is closed or Vita is put in sleep then download will stop.

Setup instructions

You need to create ux0:pkgi/pkgi.txt file that will contain items available for installation. This file is in very simple CSV format where each line means one item in the list:



  • contentid is full content id of item, for example: UP2120-PCSE00747_00-TOWERFALLVITA000.
  • flags is currently unused number, set it to 0.
  • name is arbitrary UTF-8 string to display for name.
  • name2 is currently unused alternative name, leave it empty.
  • zrif is NoNpDrm created fake license in zRIF format, it must match contentid.
  • url is http url where to download PKG, pkg content id must match the specified contentid.
  • size is size of pkg in bytes, or 0 if not known.
  • checksum is sha256 digest of pkg as 32 hex bytes to make sure pkg is not tampered with. Leave empty to skip the check.

Name cannot contain newlines or commas.

To avoid downloading pkg file over network, you can place it in ux0:pkgi folder. Keep the name of file same as in http url, or rename it with same name as contentid. pkgi will first check if pkg file can be read locally, and only if it is missing then pkgi will download it from http url.


Using application is pretty straight forward. Select item you want to install and press X. To sort/filter/search press triangle. It will open context menu. Press triangle again to confirm choice(s) you make in menu. Or press O to cancel any changes you did.

Press left or right shoulder button to move page up or down.

by mmozeiko.

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