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WinDex 0.2

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A Pokémon Sword and Shield Companion Tool for Windows


  • PokeDex
  • Catch Checkbox (Shiny, NonShiny)
  • Encounter Counter (Shiny, NonShiny)
  • Export of single or all files (in case the list gets updated so you can keep your entered data) to .wndx files
  • Import of data (.wndx)

Planned Features

  • Maybe a database instead of downloading a csv (probably will not happen)
  • PokéDex Design (maybe)
  • PKHex implementation (don't know bout that one)
  • General Information about the Pokémon (Moves, locations where to catch, etc)
  • More generations (maybe)

Coding, Setting up the CSV - Me Sprites - GameFreak/Pokémon Company/Serebii (hosting them) [I guess]

by Hotbrawl20.

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