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Xecuter DemoN Firmware 1.04

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This is the latest firmware v1.04 for the Xecuter DemoN.

Please use J-Runner or DemoN ToolBox to update.

Tons of bug fixes and new features such as Jasper BB 256/512 Support (Upgrade Kit Required) and the new "!DSWITCH" command that allows toggling of the NAND-flash. This new command is sent from software running on the Xbox 360 over serial interface to DemoN. (1 extra wire required - X8 needs to be soldered to 3V3 non-standy - wiring images can be found here)

The new J-Runner now also supports generating 16MB images from a 256MB or 512MB dump ?

The Xecuter DemoN now supports ALL non-MMC Xbox 360s !

NOTE: DemoN has a failsafe feature that can isolate firmware related problems with the following procedure:

- un-plug the Xbox 360 power supply
- press the DemoN push-button and keep it pressed all the time
- plug-in the power supply (while still keeping the push-button pressed)

Demon is now in forced bootloader mode. If it turns up in J-Runner or Toolbox now, you can downgrade to firmware version 1.02 and retry the latest update. Maybe there was some kind of data corruption, while the update was applied.

If you still cannot see Demon in either program, than it's definitely not firmware related.

This is pretty helpful in order to narrow down possible firmware related issues

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