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emutool (ex emuGUIibo) 0.5

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With this PC tool you can generate virtual amiibos.


by MrDude.

Que novedades incluye la versión 0.5



  • Latest Atmosphere (0.11.1) and 10.0.0 support
  • New virtual amiibo format, consisting on a single JSON file (emuiibo will automatically convert old formats to this new format on startup)
  • Saving virtual amiibos to FTP is now supported.
  • Fixed a bug where amiibos with the same name would make the program fail.
  • Added support to save amiibos using the last location selected to save the previous amiibo, instead of having to select it again (can be quite useful when making many virtual amiibos).
  • Virtual amiibo name and the virtual amiibo's directory name are now different settings (they used to be treated as the same field before).
  • An option has been added to save the amiibo's image as a PNG file (amiibo.png), overlay might add support to display it in next versions 😉
  • Added help option, which will point to emuiibo's repository's README.
  • [Silent update] fixed a bug in certain cases where emutool would fail to connect to AmiiboAPI (WebException).


  • Small corrections in texts.

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