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PS3 4.85.1 Hybrid Firmware (HFW) by Joonie R1

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A modified OFW by @Joonie that simply brings back the old webkit exploits (from 4.82 OFW) back to 4.85

What is HFW (Hybrid Firmware)?

  • HFW is a slightly modified Official Firmware (OFW), that can still install on any unmodified PS3 Model.
  • HFW is like a poor man's Downgrading option, while your not going back to an exploitable firmware, your bringing what was exploitable back to current firmware. The webkit vulnerability utilized by the PS3Xploit Team Hack and Tools was introduced in 4.82 and then patched by Sony in 4.83. Developer @Joonie stumbled on this hybrid firmware method and restored PS3xploit tools/hacks in 4.84 and then almost a year later we see 4.85 (maintenance update for bluray player ect.) did not include anything to block HFW, so @Joonie dropped 4.85.1 HFW.


Once Installed

  • Once installed, your still basically using just an OFW and your system is not consider hacked or exploited nor will it have homebrew capabilities or extra features yet.
  • Next, we must figure out an important step Your PS3 Model. As this will deterime if we use Custom Firmware (CFW) or PS3HEN. CFW is the best of the two but PS3HEN provides many features for those models that are unable to install a full fledged cfw.
  • Then follow the steps and procedures of using the exploit (Flash Writer for CFW or PS3HEN) for your PS3 model.

Quick 4.85 Hacking Summary (these are not instructions but rather a simple overview of the process):

  • Install 4.85 OFW if not already
  • Then install 4.85.1 HFW
  • Then Exploit your PS3 via Flash Writer 4.85 (for CFW Models only) or PS3HEN for nonCFW models.

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