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PES Platter (Platform Converter) 0.1 beta

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PES Platform Converter (Platter ©) is an application that helps user to convert any kind of Pro Evolution Soccer files to a desired platform.


  • Option File converter for XBOX and PC


Q: Will PS 3 ever be supported?
A: Yes, definitely!

Q: Does this tool can only convert Option File?
A: Absolutely not! We will try to keep developing the app to support more and more files, and make it even better than ever. One thing for sure, Option File, Database, Kits, Face, and Stadium are the files that are already on our list!

Q: I have successfully converted my Option Files, but I cannot use them!
A: That's because Platter © only converts the data.dat part of an Option File. Please refer to the third point on this post for explained details.

Q: I tried to convert my Option Files, but it says "0 file has been converted" !
A: Make sure that you decrypt your Option Files using PES 2017 File Crypter Tool by Devil Cold52 if you are on PC, or make sure that you extract the internal part of your Option Files using Le Fuffle or Horizon if you are on XBOX.

Q: It says my files are converted, but I cannot find them!
A: All of the converted files are stored inside the folder .platter/ located in the same directory as your other files.

by Rasuna, Smeagol75 & Bedir Tapkan.

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