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PES 2020 PS4 Editor (.TED Editor) 0.91

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An Editor for use in Microsoft Excel to edit an exported decrypted .TED file from the PS4/PC version of the game.

This is the BETA version of the Editor.


  • Export .TED file from PS4 version of the game
  • Decrypt file using PES 2020 Encrypt/Decrypt Tool by Panos.
  • Open Editor in Microsoft Excel, Click Start Editing
  • Load decrypted .TED file
  • Edit
  • When finished editing, Click Save .TED file
  • Encrypt file
  • Add any Images you've added in to your WEPES folder
  • Import back in to game


Ability to edit:

  • Team Details (ID, Name, Abbreviation, Emblem, Banners, Rival Clubs, Team Colours, Media Room details)
  • Stadium Details
  • Kit Editing
  • Player Editing; all player attributes, PES2019 player import is active and will require testing

Remember it's a BETA, report any issues in the thread or via private message.

Thanks to @-Panos- @Fatih Kuyucak @geniowe2002 @vialli82


  • Stadium editing; you can only assign certain stadiums to certain teams (by continent), it'll be trial and error to start with.
  • Licensing; you CAN NOT overwrite Licensed Team Names, kits, emblems etc.
  • PES2019 importing; real faces of players that are not in PES2020 will not appear as these are no longer in the core game files.
  • Player editing; When editing a player be sure to click the 'SELECT ALL' button in the editing flags section or your changes will not appear in game.

by SMcCutcheon.

Que novedades incluye la versión 0.7   See changelog


  • Added more foreign characters, all characters able to be selected in PES should be able to be selected now without error.
  • Fixed import complication regarding Playing Styles from PES2019.
  • Added an Auto-fill button from @wyffy's fantastic spreadsheet. This will automate the following, based on the Team ID (Default teams only); Team Name, Team Abbreviation, Stadium Settings and Name, Banners, Team Colours and Rival Clubs. This button can be found on the Team Details section. While the spreadsheet has huge amounts of great info, it is not 100% complete so check all areas of the Team Details page before Saving.
  • Added Stadium Info button; Shows what stadiums can be safely assigned by Continent.

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