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Kitserver (PES 2019 PC) 1.2

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To use PES 2019 Kitserver you need Sider 5 to be installed in your PES 2019 PC. Minimum Sider v5.4.0 is required.


  • LiveCPK Sider 5 ( Minimum version v5.4.2 )


  • Unlimited kits for players and goalkeepers ( teams must be licensed! Unlicensed teams cannot use Kitserver kits)
  • Visual reference in pre-match menu: you see your selected kits, and you can also switch between "Player" and "Goalkeeper" mode
  • In Edit mode, Kitserver provides a simple but powerful "Editor" of all supported attributes of a kit. So you can fine-tune the exact position of number on shorts, or size of the number on the back, etc.
  • Support for CompKits (competition kits), where Kitserver will load competition-specific kits, if they are specified for a given team for current competition.

Installation is easy:

  1. Install Sider 5.4.2 or newer
  2. Unpack kitserver with winrar, copy the content and modules folders into your PES 2019 game folder
    • C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\Steamapps\Common\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019\
  3. Open your sider.ini with notepad and add kserv.lua to the list of Lua modules:
    • lua.module = "kserv.lua"
  4. Save it and done ! don't forget to run sider.exe before opening the game !

IMPORTANT: How to choose kits for the match

  • - If you want to select a kit from your kitserver (GDB) kits, then it is best to use hot keys (6 and 7) - because this is the only way to cycle through ALL of the kits that are available for the current match. Using game UI will only give you 2 kitserver kits*, and whatever edited kits you have for this team. Also, remember that Kitserver will load competition-specific kits into 1st and 2nd slots, if it's a non-exhibition match.
  • - If you want to choose a kit that you created in Edit mode, then use the game UI ("Uniform"), and you should see your edited kits as 3rd or 4th choice.

(* more than 2, if realUni bins exist in your game for 3rd/4th kit - like Arsenal in default game, for example)

by Juce.

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