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Redream 1.5.0

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Redream is a work-in-progress Dreamcast emulator, enabling you to play your favorite Dreamcast games in high-definition on Windows, Mac and Linux.


  • High-Definition Gaming
    • Render your favorite Dreamcast classics in 1080p or 4k like they deserve.
  • Ready To Play
    • No controller configuration, no BIOS or flash files, just add games and play.
  • Great Compatibility
    • Over 85% of the Dreamcast's library is able to be played from start to finish.




Que novedades incluye la versión 1.5.0



  • Added
    • Disc swap support.
    • Redump BIN/CUE support.
    • Widescreen hack support.
    • Codebreaker cheat support.
    • Raspberry Pi 4 support.
    • HLE BIOS font support.
    • Exclusive fullscreen support.
    • High DPI support on Windows and Mac.
    • Nintendo Switch controller support.
    • PowerVR trilinear filtering support.
    • PowerVR secondary accumulation buffer support.
    • PowerVR parameter selection modifier volume support.
    • Register aliasing support to improve ARM32 register allocations.
  • Changed
    • Numerous CPU and GPU performance improvements as a result of the Pi bringup.
    • Removed GL_ARB_fragment_shader_interlock dependency for per-pixel sorting.
    • Ignore removable media drives on Windows which have no disk in them.
    • Librray scanning responsiveness improved for large libraries.
    • Library scanning is now limited to a single worker thread.
    • Filter out noisy axes when catching key binds.
  • Fixed
    • Major HLE BIOS refactor, fixed all known incompatibilities.
    • Refactored renderer to support rendering shadows before fog.
    • Video output only filling half the screen in some PAL games.
    • Video output flickering over component in some PAL games.
    • Codebreaker main menu not rendering.
    • Langrisser Millenium main menu not rendering.
    • NFL 2K/2K2 field textures not blending correctly.
    • NFL Blitz 2001 shadows not blending correctly.
    • NHL 2K2 ice appearing black.
    • Real Sound framebuffer vertical bands.
    • World Series Baseball 2K2 blurry textures.
    • V-Rally 2 main menu flickering.
    • Numerous AICA stream fixes.
    • Missing CDDA music in a few games.
    • Decoding of ADPCM audio to be bit-perfect.
    • Sega Bass Fishing audio going off the rails.
    • Capcom Fighting Collection hanging on boot.
    • Fast Striker crashing at the end of level 1.
    • Gundam Side Story crashing during third mission.
    • Tech Romancer crashing after a few rounds.
    • Library scanning not working with exFAT drives.


  • Added
    • New app icon.
    • New animated background in user interface.
    • PowerVR DMA support (Sonic Shuffle, Simple2000 Series).
    • PowerVR fog support.
    • 32-bit support for Android.
    • GL ES 3.x support for Android.
    • AArch32 and AArch64 JITs for Android.
    • Built in fps counter.
    • Automatic frame skipping.
    • Reset binds option in input menu.
    • Support for Nintendo Switch Joy Cons.
    • Automatic library directory scanning.
    • Touch screen suppport.
    • Virtual gamepad input device.
    • Save state support.
  • Changed
    • Mac builds are now distributed as app bundles.
    • Mac builds now write out internal files to ~/Library/Application Support/redream.
    • Make options save before shutting down in the off-chance that there's a crash during shutdown.
    • Improved per-strip accuracy.
    • Optimized texture conversion routines.
    • Lowered per-pixel requirement to GL 4.3+ / GL ES 3.2+.
    • Improved framebuffer presentation accuracy and raw framebuffer write detection.
    • Numerous rendering performance improvements as a result of Android optimizations.
    • Improved AMD rendering performance when using per-pixel sorting. RX 480 at 1440p x 64 layers improved from ~50 fps to ~190 fps in Sonic Adventure main menu.
    • Avoid persisting the pc to the context as frequently.
    • Avoid persisting the cycle count to the context as frequently.
    • Avoid unnecessary page permission changes when applying memory watches.
    • Inline hot MMIO paths.
    • Inline constants during code compilation.
    • Added constant materialization optimization pass.
    • Reduce register pressure in MACL / MACW operations.
    • Use floating-point instructions for floating-point data transfers to reduce redundant SH4 context accesses.
    • Run at a fixed 60hz in the UI.
    • Improved indexing of disc box art.
    • Raised maximum input devices to 32.
    • Refactored virtual memory system to work with only a 29-bit address space.
    • Filter out single-session CDIs in the UI which require a boot disc to use.
    • Improved frame pacing and performance by tightening up the audio and video sync.
    • Turbo button is now a toggle.
  • Fixed
    • SLEEP instruction not waking correctly (Psyvariar 2, Shikigami no Shiro II).
    • Linux build unnecessarily linking with optional libraries (libXinerama, etc).
    • Linux build using the incorrect directory for internal files when using a symlink.
    • Mac build flashing on startup when fullscreen.
    • More robust self-modifying code detection (Shenmue, Shenmue II).
    • More robust culling of degenerate vertices (Wacky Races, Soul Calibur, Headhunter).
    • Artifacts along the 1-pixel edge of the viewport in some games.
    • Garbage data outside of the viewport in games attempting to compensate for overscan.
    • Numerous HLE BIOS issues (MSR, 2K sports games).
    • Corrected TOC for GDI and CHD disc images, fixes missing audio tracks in BIOS music player (MDK2).
    • Crash when the texture cache reset mid-game in libraries with more than 512 games.
    • Incorrect polygon winding for background plane (MDK2).
    • Geist Force hanging during intro.
    • Jet Set Radio crashing during graffiti free paint.
    • Pro Pinball Trilogy hanging on boot.
    • Monaco Grand Prix hang on startup.
    • NHL 2K2 hanging in the main menu.
    • NHL 2K2 pause menu rendering.
    • Slave Zero failing to boot.
    • Toe Jam and Earl crash on startup.
    • Audio clicking in Sonic Adventure menus.
    • Music in MDK2 and Stupid Invaders not playing.
    • Music in Maken X cutting out during intro and beeping.
    • Music in Walt Disney World Quest not pausing in menus.
    • Music in Test Drive Le Mans going off the rails after ~10 minutes of play.

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