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This is a simple tool to read the disc id from an ORIGINAL playstation 2 game. there is no id present on a copied disc, PC disc, HK silver, etc. and using this utility on them will only give you a random useless id. it also reads the ps2's machine ids.

NOTE: if u use this on a v9+ ps2 console, it will only show valid disc ids for ONLINE titles.  this means if you  try to put an original OFFLINE game disc in, the id generated will be 100% worthless from what we've seen. 
Oh, and our DNAS H4x0r v0.2/a will work on some v9+ ps2 machines, but not all regions due to bios/nvm changes... so we redid the util to accomodate them all- slutty, eh!

This tool does not use any sony libraries, irxes, compilers etc.  this tool will work on modded playstation 2 systems (sony's code will not work properly on most modded machines) and can be used via a swap method for those without a chip.

To use it, simply boot the disc on a playstation 2 console. when a screen shows up with text on it, insert your original disc and press X. wait a second or so and then your ids will be displayed onscreen. if the ids were successfully retrieved the text will be blue, if there was an error it will be red. to make sure you are getting valid ids press X a few times.

GROUP NOTE: even the fountain of the GODS has a few leaks ;-)

dedicated to my ******** of every yesterday ~

by ParadoX.

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